Flowers (Letter to Dad)


Flowers  (Letter to Dad)


i call this Flowers, now i had thought that these are flowers from burnaby, however the photo’s were taken on my way to burnaby and then maybe not!  Does it truly matter, i would think not!  To me these flowers were asking me to take their photograph, so all i did was do as the flowers had asked…  By taking that moment in my life to stop and smell the roses…


i usually talk with my father, when i make any kind of plant post.  Reason being is that my father had a green thumb like no other that i know about.  He could grow anything!


Dad, it has been sometime now since i had said anything to you.  i have been going through what one would say a rough time, however i would only say interesting moments, it seems they don’t like me here in the city.  They would like to leave, i say not until you give me what’s mine!


So Dad, i would be coming to see you just now, maybe later much later!  i hope you happy now that the karma has been lifted off, pass on down to me.  Take care keep exploring there is lots of space out there for you to get lost in…


Your son; chris


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