BMX Rider…

parking bmx

BMX Rider…


There is group of individuals whom have been practising certain poetic riding.  Day after day come a to parking lot in the industrial part of the city.  From what the toad has assumed they all have day jobs.   The times toad has seen this group of riders riding BMX, you could say it is during their play-time. This what they love…  They are a very soiled group people, a little hard to get to know, but then i’m a drug addict live on the street not to often to get understand particular of close friendship they have between each other full of love and support…


They spin and twirl

round and round

front pag, back pag

magically they stay

of the ground.


night after night

practising until dark

just group friends

moving from park

to park.


i found it madness

what they can do.

Dancing with BMX’s

talented poetically cool.


i would just like to thank the group of riders for allowing to take photos…

BMX Rider

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