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A fifth-generation British Columbia Canada boy, born in Burnaby General Hospital, February 3, 1958, to Ray Jensen and Barbara Streeting. He was raised in Vancouver, B.C.  Canada, where he gained an Elementary School education.

He lives on the street by Choice.  Binning is a way of life for Chris .  He came from a very troubled childhood with its many ups and downs.  He has been employed as a web pressman, Sound engineer, and there have been several labour jobs throughout his life.  Now he is on disability which has come about from his haunted troubled youth.

Summer of 2009

In the summer of 2009 he played a small part in the “VELO-CITY: Vancouver & the Bicycle Revolution” exhibit at the Planetarium Museum in Kitsilano.  He would like to thank Propellor Design members Pamela Goddard, Nick Rust, and Toby Barratt for giving him the honor by placing a photo of him among the entire great riders of our age.  One of the four photos was used in Bicycle Revolution exhibit at the Museum in Kitsilano.

Vancouver Review

Photographer and Creative DirectorMark Mushet has nominations in both Still-life (for an image of Bono’s shockingly vast tour-truck fleet) and People and Portraiture (for a shot of bike binner Chris Jensen from the “Velo-City” series)


With Velo-City, Propellor Design and the Museum of Vancouver pay tribute to the weird and wonderful world of local cycling

“VELO-CITY: Vancouver & the Bicycle Revolution”


POSTED June 4, 2009 BY Bob Kronbauer

Resent photos done by Brian Thomson @ Portions © 2013 SmugMug, Inc.

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